My music

In the spring 2024 my first songs were released for you to take part of. Welcome to follow my artist page on Spotify and enjoy my music.

More songs are being recorded right now and I'm so looking forward to share what is about to come later this year! 

1:1 Personal Support

One of the best things I know is to follow you and your journey in becoming the freest version of who you came here to be in this life.  

I support women who are feeling lost, isolated, and anxious, so they can become more inspired, focused, and grounded in their hearts.

If you know anyone who may want this support, please share my contacts and I will be happy to connect. 


A community for those who love to come together with other people and support each other in ur lives of truly living. 


Check out the video where I describe what it is and for who it may be a great fit!  

Social media

I love to share parts of my life and the way I move forward on my own journey. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook if you feel inspired by what I share.

Upcoming concerts

Want to hear me sing live ? This is the places I will show up! 

30 e Maj / NOMAD, Sthlm

10 e Juli / Kaskad, Bromma Sthlm

20 e Juli / Kanaans Trädgårdscafé, Bromma Sthlm

26 e Juli / Pensionatet, Piteå

27 e Juli / Sävenäs Vis & Popfestival, Skellefteå

29 e Juli / Tuvangården café, Skellefteå


If you feel inspired by what I do. This is some options on how you can support me. 

  • Financial support
    I welcome all support so I can keep on sharing my heart
    Donations via or via Swish to 0737083071
    Thank you for your contribution from the bottom of my heart <3

  • Do you know any great locations where I can share my music? 
    Please let me know if you know venues, gatherings and places where I can share my music with this world.
    I love to play for the audience who appreciates music that makes the time stop for a little while and letting us just com back to this moment. I make music that opens up peoples hearts, and this I just love to be giving. 

  • Do you know anyone who wants support? 
    I support people who feel lost and isolated in their lives towards living a meaningful life with a sense of freedom and inspiration to follow their hearts regardless of fears
    Do you know anyone who might be lying for 1:1 Support?
    Please share my contacts and ask them to contact me on and I will make sure we will connect.

  • Do you know anyone who would like to be part of Being? 
    I have created a community called Being.
    This is a place for people t connect, heart to heart and having this community in our day to day life.
    If you know anyone who may be looking for a group where they can feel supported in their life, Being might be the place t check out. I would be happy to let them know more about it s please share my contacts if you see that there it anyone you might know who could be interested in that.

  • Follow me
    If you feel inspired by what I do and what I have to offer make sure to follow me on;
    My newsletter via this link:
    and follow me on Spotify, Instagram/Facebook/YouTube, wherever you like to hang out in the social media world.